Design Forum: Album Surf’s Fascination Model

The comprehensible appeal of Album’s alluring new asym

The trend of adapting wider, flatter, fishier templates to high performance shortboards over the last decade, or so, has been a boon for nearly everyone outside of featherweight groms or competitive surf stars. Enhanced paddle power, effortless speed, augmented wiggle, the voluminous fish outline has changed the game for the common-surfer.

As approachable as the fish has become, asymmetrical designs have remained the compulsion of the experimental minded class.

Album Surf’s Fascination model seeks to change that. Taking the much-beloved fish template and shortening the heel side rail, the Fascination paddles and generates speed through flat sections, like a fish, without limiting the rider to more horizontal down-the-line surfing--especially backside--like fishes tend to do, according to Album's Matt Parker.

Here, Parker walks us through the comprehensible appeal of Album's alluring new asym.