Is there anything more satisfying than a solid garage sale find? Not if it's a surfboard. 

Just ask Britt Merrick. The visionary Channel Islands shaper’s friend scored a fetching, pre-thruster era winged twin at a Southern California yard sale that had, coincidentally, once belonged to Britt’s famous father, Al.

The board became the younger Merrick's inspiration for a magic stick, especially one for smaller waves. And when it came time to develop a modern version for CI's arsenal of spring and summertime grovelers, Merrick already had a fitting template at top of mind.

Adapted from that snazzy thrift find, the CI Twin features an updated rocker for modern turning, vee and channels through the back-third to enhance speed and hold, and the option for a nubby trail-fin box for additional responsiveness.

In the video above, Merrick walks us through the elaborate design he culled from his friend’s austere purchase.