As Channel Islands' head honcho Britt Merrick introduces the Black & White Model in our latest Design Forum, he starts by calling it "Dane's" board, before catching himself to clarify "Dane Reynolds." Oh, that Dane!

You'll have to forgive the familial tone Merrick uses, as the partnership between the CI scion and Ventura's favored son has produced a litany of top-selling surfboards, over the years including Reynolds’s current go-to, the Black & White.

And the B&W's popularity transcends, as top CI team riders from South Africa's Mikey February to SoCal's Dillon Perillo have also taken to the model.

"It's just a good all around shortboard," says Merrick of the low-rockered, flat decked, full-railed, efficient paddler, the B&W. Watch the video above to hear Merrick wax at length about the full-range of distinctive design elements that have intrigued a variety of the world’s best surfers.

Several of the clips in the edit below feature Reynolds riding a Black and White.