For those on either coast of the United States, the full-volume season is upon us. It's certainly not the most exhilarating time of year to be a surfer, especially if you're confined to your local breaks. And although board makers will intuitively unveil their newest takes on the summer time grovelers, is there anything yet to be done to the short, wide, flat high performance shortboard capable of exciting?

Rusty Surfboards’ menacing, stinger-winged, Chupacabra model certainly has an outline capable of inspiriting those afflicted with summer doldrums induced melancholy. With its steeply domed deck, the Chupacabra is Rusty's highest volume shortboard, according to Rusty scion Clint Preisendorfer. An intriguing channel runs through the board's bottom, pitching and increasing in depth through the tail, which helps create lift. And with a recommended quad setup, the Chupacabra can make generating speed an effortless endeavor even in mushy, gutless surf.

Here Preisendorfer runs through what makes the Chupacabra a lively option for the less than thrilling weeks (months?) ahead.