Although asymmetric surfboards have been the subject of fascination in some left of field circles since the mid-1960s, when San Diego's Carl Ekstrom first tinkered with the design, misconceptions about the design endure. Specifically that asyms are designed to go only one way.

In the face of prevailing "wisdom," Album Surf's Matt Parker's been experimenting with asymmetrical tail shapes for nearly a decade, stretching and truncating rail lines on a variety of tired and true templates. The Album Disasym, a high performance application of Parker's  years of asym investigations. The combination of a twin fin set up on the toe side and quad under heel side creates an elongated sweet spot—perfect as both gas pedal and pivot point, making it a user friendly shape for waves in the waist high range and above—according to Parker.

In the video above, Parker walks us through the finer points of what gives this unbalanced design its equitable, high performance feel, whether going left or right.