Mad scientists are destined to be misunderstood. That's par for the course, especially in surfing. Though we may cling to our counterculture heritage, we surfers tend to be conservatively minded in regards to innovation.

Likewise, though mad scientist board builder Daniel Thomson may have spent years designing and fine-tuning his flat, wide, snub-nosed, double ender outlines—proving their merits under the feet of others as well as under his own—when it came time to design a model for New South Wales, Australia surfer Stu Kennedy's 2018 Championship Tour campaign, Thomson admits to making some concessions with competitive surf judges—who've grown accustomed to surf crafts with pointy orientations—in mind.

For the Tomo SKX model, Thomson applied many of his planing hull-inspired, experimental design ideas to a make a board that he says is intended to be more "aesthetically pleasing from a visual point" to satisfy judges and spectators alike "who are used to seeing a more traditional outline moving across the wave."

Still, despite its more conservative high performance template, the SKX remains distinctive. From its stubby squash tail to its relatively parallel rail lines to its deep set single/quad concave bottom, the SKX incorporates a litany of Thomson's tried and tested design elements.

Here, Thomson runs us through the finer points of the SKX, a board he says doesn't just meet the needs of the modern surfer, visually. But incorporates all the performance capabilities we've come to expect from Tomo.