Double-Concave Decks: A Mason Ho Special

Meet the "VooDoo Child"

Mason is one of the most innovative surfers in the world right now, able to surf maxing Pipeline or a funky cliff reform mutant with total ease and flair. This “VooDoo Child” model is, as Mason puts it, "a mash-up of classic and current performance board characteristics." The deep double-concave around the fins allows for high-speed maneuvers with ease, while the hips in the squash tail allow for tight turns to perfect those ’80s inspired carves. A healthy amount of volume in the center of the board creates stability under speed and paddle power for those bigger days. Maybe the most unique component of the VooDoo Child's design is the slight double-concave from the deck into the tail. The shapers at …Lost say that this helps Mason lock in his rear foot (Especially with Mason's no-traction-pad approach) and gives the board that magic 'surfed in' feeling, right off the sanding rack.