When Garrett McNamara tackled massive, ugly Nazaré last week, he did so on a new, uh, surfboard. Mercedes and McNamara got together to make a board they’re calling the “Silver Arrow of the Seas.” Actually, they made four. The boards are apparently equipped with some sort of complicated system for tracking G-Mac’s performance, though the specifics of what the board tracks and how are hush hush. Your first thought is probably “bullshit.” But if you’ve ever been to the Mercedes museum back in the Old Country, you’ll know that the company’s engineers can make anything and they can make it go fast. And until I’ve ridden 50-plus foot waves, I’m giving McNamara the benefit of the doubt. Plus, what the hell. You’re tackling crazy, crazy waves, get yourself a crazy, crazy board. Would love to see the deck, though. The traction’s gotta be leather-trimmed or something, right?


Well, those certainly appear to be rivets, but it’s probably safe to assume that’s just for looks. Wish there was a Mercedes hood ornament up front.


Mmm hmm. That’s G-Mac’s board all right.


These kick-ass fins brought to you by Aufrecht Mechler Grossaspach. Futures, I guess.


Maybe that’s where the telemetry happens?