Design Forum: How To Shape A 6’2″ in 30 Minutes

Watch Matt "Kazuma" Kinoshita intuit a handshape without power tools

And now, a lesson in product and process. The product is a glass-ready 6’2″ from Maui-based shaper Matt Kinoshita of Kazuma Surfboards. The process? A no-template, no-power-tool improvisation in 30 minutes, for around $12 in equipment, minus the blank. We couldn’t take our eyes off Kinoshita as he shuffled around the shaping racks and intuitively reamed his blank to a near showroom-quality finish using just a razor knife, a sanding block, a sanding plate, and a hand saw. Rocker, concave, rails — all are whittled down to a shocking degree of symmetry and completed in less time than a typical session in the water. Granted, this level of instinct is only acquired through years in the shaping bay under the tutelage of a skilled mentor (Ben Aipa, in Kinoshita’s case). He also notes in the video how he wouldn’t give this particular board to a customer, as a perfect, precise attempt would take him four hours, at least. But the bigger point he’s making is that a handshape you’re proud of doesn’t need to be so damn complicated, expensive, or tedious. Just loosen up that shoulder girdle and get to work.

My no power tools real handshape is ready to hit the water.

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