There aren’t too many ‘CT surfers who experiment with new, innovative materials underfoot during competition. But for the past six months, Caio Ibelli and Xanadu have been working closely with Varial Surf Technology to test-pilot innovative materials while on Tour. In the video above, we talk to Varial CEO Edison Conner and inspect the details of one of Ibelli’s 2017 whips–one that’s made with both Varial Foam and their new Infused Glass technology. “We customize Caio’s boards to a specific flex and weight,” says Conner in the clip. “With this technology, we can make these boards down to the low-four pound [range], but that’s just a base to build off…in terms of making the board ideal for certain conditions, especially for powerful surfers like Caio, so you want a little extra weight to help the board track through turns better and cut through the chop when it’s windy.”

2017 Surfboard & Surfboard Accessory Guide