Matt Biolos Talks Padang Quivers

Boards designed to disappear behind the curtain

Pulled-in pin tails, low volume, and a hint of rocker: a brief formula for spending as much time as possible behind the curtain. The Rip Curl Cup at Padang Padang is underway, and a number of invitees, including Mason Ho, Damien Hobgood, Bruce Irons, and Taj Burrow, will bring boards designed by Matt Biolos that are ideal for stalling in the barrel and driving out for excellent-range scores. There’s the Indo Driver, with lower tail rocker and increased nose rocker. There’s the round-pin Pocket Rocket, the model that took Mason to the finals last year and that escorted Bruce to that absurdly long perfect-10. Step inside Biolos’s shaping bay and listen to …Lost’s general explain the sleds he’s sending over for the all-out tube war.