Beau Irvine

Year started shaping:

What's your shaping philosophy?

Create beautiful, high-performing surfboards and happy surfers.

What is unique about the boards you shape?

PIETY is for performance-oriented surfers with an appreciation for collaborative custom design and high-service experiences. I work closely with my customers to tailor each board for their specific performance requirements. I keep my shapes simple with clean lines, less for the eye and wave to trip up on. I like the idea of owning and having a relationship with quality, purpose-built goods. Tailoring for wave type, performance quality, and aesthetic flare gives each board a unique personality and context for enjoying.

How is your shaping influenced by your location?

PIETY specializes in performance shapes inspired by the waves and progressive surfing found in and around Southern California. My shaping studio is a converted cargo container, currently located in Newport Beach, California. I recently spent 2 years living, shaping, and surfing in Bells Beach, Australia. Returning to California, I was eager to create a space that both captured and inspired the consideration and craft that goes into each board. PIETY's home is in California, but travel is in its DNA.

What advice would you give to customers to help them get the best board possible?

Follow the fun. Be realistic about your ability, the conditions you enjoy and the style of waves your board is intended for. I think there is real value to having a relationship with your shaper. Lean on their expertise and ability to tailor equipment to your unique ability and circumstance.

2017 Surfboard & Surfboard Accessory Guide