Colter Deupree

Year You Started Shaping:

Number Of Boards Shaped:
Nonstop since 2012

What's your shaping philosophy?

My shaping philosophy is very close to my heart, like my life values, personal experiences, challenges, and triumphs. Being a stroke survivor, I have learned to always keep an open mind and do what feels right. Each board I shape for a client is about them and what will be best for them. Treat the board like your own and be realistic about what you want to accomplish with each board.

Who is your biggest shaping influence?

All the talented shapers before me, my years of professional snowboarding experience, and especially my customers, because they are the ones I'm shaping for.

What inspires you in your shaping life?

My biggest inspiration comes from life itself: To always keep it fun and new. Always going into uncharted waters and pushing the limits on what is possible. When I was snowboarding, I dreamed of riding the waves the way I rode the snow. That dream, and the frustration of not being able to find the right boards for the different wave conditions I was surfing, led me to where I am today.

What is unique about the boards you shape?

Each and every board is carefully crafted for the person who will be riding it and the conditions and waves they will be riding it in. Specifically with the Colternator™ models, there is no friction while riding, so trying to make sections or going through flat spots is not a problem. The boards go so fast that you can focus more on control rather than trying to keep your speed up. Unlike other surfboards, the Colternator™ uses the same inward curvature as a snowboard to create a higher and tighter line with complete stability.

What are your most popular models?

The Colternator™ models by far–specifically the All Around Colternator™. The responsiveness and turning capabilities of this revolutionary new snowboard-inspired surfboard, with a design, maneuverability, and versatility unlike any other, has been really popular. They ride shorter, but still have the same buoyancy as a shortboard.

What advice would you give to customers to help them get the best board possible?

The more information you give your shaper on what you are looking for the better. Pick a shaper or surfboard company that is open and willing to speak with you. Part of our custom design process is a one-on-one consultation to ensure we understand your goals. Try to be as realistic as you can with what you want to accomplish with the board. It’s really important that you and your shaper feel like a good match on different levels. Take boards out for a demo ride, but keep in mind that a good shaper will be able to shape that demo to fit you, so if the demo doesn't feel perfect it's not the end-all be-all. If you would like to demo one of our models, ask your local shop for one, and if they don't have one, let us know. We will be more than happy to send them one to demo out. It's okay to step out of your usual comfort zone to get something that will take you to your next level of surfing and enjoyment.

What's the biggest lesson learned in your shaping career?

Don't allow other people's discouragement, fears, or opinions get you down. Stay your course, be true to yourself, be grateful for those in your life that are there for you and follow your dreams. Any problem can be turned into a solution.

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