It's hard to imagine, but in less than two years, the Thruster—perhaps the most important advancement in the history of modern surfing—will turn 40. New South Wales surfer-shaper Simon Anderson added a third-fin to the then-modern MR-style twin in October of '81, then went on a tear that same year, winning three contests on the new, and arguably first, three like-sized finned surfboard. The rest is history. Despite some tweaks to bottom contours and outlines, Anderson's innovation has been—by a wide margin—the dominant equipment in lineups the world over since.

So, given the broad appeal of "retro" equipment in surfdom today, Anderson's newly released Heritage Series—a range of shortboards based largely on those early era thrusters—is well-past due.

Based on boards Anderson created in the '81-83, the Heritage Series incorporates original design elements—beaked nose, vee bottom, soft rails—with some modern advancements, like a more mellow rocker. The boards are available with three subtly different tail shapes, but all come with three fins, of course.

Check em out, here.

For a short film about Simon Anderson’s thruster, hit play below.