The Boardroom

Kick the tires of a new ride this weekend in Costa Mesa

This weekend, Oct. 5-6, The Boardroom, a kind of surfboard festival/trade show, will be going down at the OC Fair and Event Center in Costa Mesa. If you like surfboards, which, of course you do, you owe it to yourself to take a peek at what's going on there. And there is an awful lot going on.

The event is one part trade show, one part shaping demonstration, and one part meet and greet. Dozens of shapers will be on hand, from all over the world, peddling their wares, taking orders, and answering questions. Who you ask? Oh, Daniel Thomson, Marc Andreini, Tim Stamps, Tyler Warren, and a whole bunch more. A few of these board builders will be participating in live shaping sessions and in one of two shaping challenges.

The "Chunk of Foam" challenge requires each competing shaper to make the same kind of board from--you guessed it--a big hunk of foam: 8' x 2′ x 2′. One power tool, no modern measuring devices allowed. The "Icons of Foam" competition will see the contesting board builders attempt to replicate a classic shape of the late Terry Martin, to whom the challenge is dedicated.

If you're particularly moved by any of the shapes on offer, board makers will be taking custom orders, and many will meet you at Blackies Sunday morning for a demo.

Besides the foam mowing and shape ordering, you can also haul down your battered old boards and any random surf artifact you've got banging around the garage or displayed on a wall somewhere and have it appraised (and maybe bought, who knows?) by an expert in surf collectibles.

It's fall, you definitely need a new board, and it's great to shake the actual hand that guided the planer that shaped your magic sled.

Tickets and info are available here.