This Is The Caddywhompus

Santa Cruz shaper Travis Reynolds breaks down his new asymmetrical model

Shaper Travis Reynolds keeps the art of hand-crafted surfboard building alive and well in an era of cheap designs and mass production. Born and raised in Santa Cruz, Reynolds is a part of the “Ride Everything” movement, which is exemplified through both his style of surfing and his growing line of handshapes. In the video above, Reynolds walks us through his latest creation, the asymmetrical Caddywhompus, and explains how riding an asym doesn’t ride as bizarre as it looks. “I think the more open-minded people are becoming with surfboards, the more you’re going to see them [asymmetricals],” says Reynolds. “Once you ride one, it makes sense. But just looking at them, it doesn’t really make sense. So it’s kind of breaking that barrier.” If asyms are still a total mystery to you, press play and learn from Mr. Reynolds about what goes into shaping one of these lopsided creations.

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