What He Rode

Jason Stevenson talks about Jeremy Flores' Teahupoo sled

© Ben Thouard :

Jeremy Flores hoists his Forget Me Not Model above his head following his win at the Billabong Pro Tahiti. Photo: Thouard

WEIGHT: 150lbs.

SHAPER: Jason Stevenson (JS Surfboards)
MODEL: Forget Me Not
TAIL: Round pin
LENGTH: 6’0″
WIDTH: 18 1/4″
THICKNESS: 2 5/16″
CONCAVE: Slight single to double by the fins.
GLASSING: Stock 4x4x4oz.
FCS II plugs: Tri or quad option.

© Ben Thouard :

“When the waves get good…this is the board you want under your feet.”—Jason Stevenson. Photo: Thouard

How would you describe this particular model?
It's our go-to good-wave board. It's the same model that Owen rode in Fiji. When the waves get good—lineups like Indo, Pipe, Teahupoo—this is the board you want under your feet. It actually goes really well in other types of waves that aren't as heavy—like the points on the Gold Coast or 2-foot Trestles. There's a little bit more foam under the chest and more of a refined rail, which makes it more versatile.

How close do you work with Jeremy normally?
He called me up just before Hawaii last year and wanted me to make him some boards. I'd finished all of my work for the season at that point, but I suggested that we start up next year before Snapper. He really wanted to spend some time working with one shaper and nailing down his boards. He's really an easy guy to get along with.

© Ben Thouard :

According to JS, the Forget Me Not may have been developed for perfect surf, but it also holds its own in less-than-lethal conditions as well. Photo: Thouard

Is there anything specific you hold in mind when cutting a board for Teahupoo?
The model, the Forget Me Not, is the perfect shape for a wave like that. It's designed exactly for this type surf. We didn't really change anything specific for Jeremy for this event. This was the same type of board you would have pulled off a rack.