Mick and his trusty Duck’s Nuts. Photo: WSL

HEIGHT: 5'10" (177 cm)
WEIGHT: 161 lbs (73 kgs)

MODEL: Duck's Nuts
SHAPER: Darren Handley
TAIL Squash
LENGTH: 5'11"
WIDTH: 18.75"
VOLUME: 26.21L
CONCAVE: Single to double
GLASSING: Single 4 oz top and bottom, carbon strip reinforcements

Was there anything you did differently when it came to shaping this particular model?
We’ve thinned out the rails just a touch and reduced the tail rocker by about 1/8″ as well as thinned out the the nose just a touch. It’s helped make the board a little bit more lively.

This is the same model he’s been winning events on in the past, right?
Yes, he and Steph both ride this model quite a bit in their heats.

Do you know if Mick rode this board throughout the whole event?
Yes, I believe he rode it in every heat he surfed. I think he freesurfed on some different boards, but he rode this one in all of his heats.

Do you approach a board different that will be ridden at Bells than you would at Snapper?
For me, I don’t. This is the same model that Mick or Steph would ride out at Snapper, but they’ll approach the wave a lot differently. So the board’s the same, but the surfing is altered to fit a wave like Bells.

WATCH: Darren Handley on the Duck’s Nuts