What He Rode: Mick Fanning at Lowers

Darren Handley breaks down Mick's sled from the Hurley Pro


Fanning and the sled that pushed him to the podium at Lowers. Photo: Glaser

HEIGHT: 5'10" (177 cm)
WEIGHT: 161 lbs (73 kg)

SHAPER: Darren Handley
MODEL: Duck’s Nuts
LENGTH: 5'10"
WIDTH:  18 ¾”
VOLUME: 26.26L
CONCAVE: Subtle single to double concave
GLASSING: Stock 4×4 with carbon strip on the bottom

So what's changed on this particular model?
We haven't changed much at all really. We've got Mick's boards so dialed in. However, we did add in a carbon strip for this board, which made it pop a bit more in softer waves.

And what about the color? He's got some new paint jobs.
[Laughs] Yes. We switched up the color from yellow to blue in hopes that it would deter sharks.


Mick rode FCS II fins at the competition and his board featured a single to double concave. Photo: Glaser

I heard he may have seen something at Lowers?
Yeah, I think he did. He thought he saw a shark during a freesurf. The things won't leave him alone. He told me that he thinks they're following him.

How would you take what Mick’s been riding and alter it for the everyday surfer?
The Duck's Nuts is a pretty versatile craft that we’ve been working on for ten years. It’s his go-to board for good waves. I really wouldn't change it too much though for your average surfer. Not too long ago, we altered Mick's boards so there's actually less tail life and a little bit of a wider nose, which is good for your standard surfer. We spent ten years getting this board to where it is today.