Courtney Conlogue with the whip that she rode to the podium at Margaret River. Photo: Joli

HEIGHT: 5'7"
WEIGHT: 140 lbs.

MODEL: The Apex
SHAPER: Tim Stamps
TAIL: Rounded Pin
LENGTH: 6'5"
WIDTH: 18 3/8"
THICKNESS: 2 5/16"

BOTTOM CONTOUR: Single concave all the way through, expanding into a double concave toward the fins.
GLASSING: A little sturdier on a board like this, since it’s meant to be ridden in bigger, more powerful waves.

How would you describe the board that Courtney rode to victory at Margaret River?

This is really our high-performance shortboard. It's got a fair amount of rocker in the board and it was really designed to be ridden in high-quality waves. This is the model that Courtney brings with her on Tour. She has an array of boards like this, ranging from 5'10" to 7'0".

So essentially this is the board that she would ride whenever the waves get good.

Yeah, exactly. She would ride this model in waves like Hawaii, Portugal…anywhere that's got some power to it.

Would you recommend this board to an average surfer?

Actually, I probably wouldn't. Unless you're surfing really good waves all the time—and let's be honest, most of us aren't—you don't want a board like this. For the vast majority of us, I would recommend an all-around fun shortboard like our Scarecrow model.

How involved is Courtney in the shaping process?

I would say that she's very involved. She's great about feedback and really puts some thought into what's working and what's not. Having someone like Courtney who can articulate how a board feels under her feet is huge. So it's been great to work with her and fine-tune her equipment to where it is today.

Photos: Joli

That Apex ain’t an “everyday” shape. Unless, of course, you surf bombing Margaret River everyday. Photos: Joli

WATCH: Courtney in Action