Gabriel Medina had limbic-melting Norwegian black metal pumping through those headphones as he walked down the beach at Pipe to take that shiny world title crown. Nah, not really. Maybe. Who knows? Could’ve been Leonard Cohen. Could’ve been Sun Tzu's Art of War on Audible. Medina's pre-heat sound of choice, like Medina himself, is a mystery to me.

Here's another mystery. How is it that nobody has ever thought to set Gabe's surfing to something appropriate to his country of origin? Every single YouTube clip of the kid, everything by Rip Curl, the ASP, his board sponsor, what have you—all we get in the background is the same old tired-ass generic guitar rock, generic indy, generic EDM. Here we're all talking about how the New World Order has finally arrived in pro surfing, but nobody thought to tweak the soundtrack in honor of this fact?

Consider it done. I give you Gabe Medina joined to the sound of his homeland. To the sound of Carnival. The sound of warm, tropical, polyrhythmic, heart-and-groin-pounding joy. Has your understanding of Gabe suddenly grown a little deeper? Has your appreciation not just been raised 15 to 20 percent?