Michael Ho, Waimea Bay, 1985

Who caught the biggest Waimea wave ever?

This clip of Michael Ho is from Billabong's "Surf into Summer," and I think it was filmed in 1985. I edited "Summer," and didn't know who the surfer was, and whoever shot it didn't know either. A couple years later Brock Little told me it was Michael, and that he (Brock) used to pop "Summer" into the VCR and play this ride over and over, trying to figure out two things: How Ho got in so clean and early, and why he came undone. Brock solved the first one, as evidenced by his 1990 Eddie bomb. But he was unable to solve the second…as evidenced by his 1990 Eddie bomb. The other thing I remember was Brock saying that Ho's wave, as far he knew, was the biggest Waimea wave ever caught. Although, looking at it here, I'd say Brock outdid Michael by a couple feet in 1990.

Photo: Winer/A-Frame

Brock Little, Waimea Bay, 1990. Photo: Winer/A-Frame