Watch this sadistic little ditty a few times and you’ll notice a few distinct styles of disaster trips over the falls. There’s the “No, Wait, Shit, I Don’t Really Want This One!” (Most embarrassing). There’s the “High-line Barrel To Upside-Down Lipride Into Oblivion” (Awesome). I really enjoy the “Poorly-Thought-Out Lip Bash To Backwards Swan Dive” (Hardest to pull off). And finally, the most terrifying of all, the “Oh My God, I’m Not Making It Over This” mid-paddle board-clutching death ride to the bottom (Most terrifying).

My favorite in this clip is the backside barrel to complete and utter annihilation at the :17 second mark. If you watch closely, you can see the guy’s will and soul abandon his body just as his fins irretrievably lock too high into the wall for any hope of escape.

Whatever your favorite bit of wave-riding schadenfreude is, we finally prepped the Over The Falls EOS post for your eyeballing pleasure. Enjoy.