A Tribute to Rail

Taylor Knox and his rail game are 43 years old

For 40-odd years now, I have danced and skipped and pan-fluted around our sport's great power surfers. Jeff Hakman and BK, Simon, Kong and Tom Carroll, Sunny Garcia, Taylor Knox, now Michel Bourez—part of my lifework is to drop rose petals at their gnarly, reef-scarred, torque-generating feet.

I won't say that I have a favorite (not true: I save the finest petals for BK), but credit to Knox for taking his generous portion of well-marbled muscle and brawn and finishing it off with an exquisite Tom Curren demi-glace. The man is as smooth as he is powerful. Watch the clip. Breath those turns in, viewer. You getting that? All the finishing notes? Woodsmoke, truffle, Johnny Walker Blue. Does it not make you a little dizzy with appreciation?

Taylor Knox is 43 years old today. Long may he continue his hydraulic miracles to perform.