A couple weeks back, coffers dangerously empty at the non-profit Encyclopedia of Surfing, Matt Warshaw, the site’s founder and human repository of all surf knowledge, went on a fundraising bender. A red-alert, all-hands-on-deck type call to action. He needed to raise $30k to keep the site alive. If that failed, he’d be forced to politely set down a small stepstool, climb onto it, and take down the “EOS” shingle from the internet. The historical archive would remain on Warshaw’s hard drives, sure, but for the rest of us, print would be our only recourse. Times looked dark.

But son-of-a-gun, you did it. You recognized the irreplaceable value of EOS (and its sister websites, the History of Surfing and Above the Roar), ponied up and kept this puppy afloat. Warshaw was hoping to build up a robust subscriber base (a measly $3 a month gets you access to all three sites) but was blown away by the donations that came pouring in, helped by surf media outlets and surf stars plugging the importance of EOS.

And I very much mean YOU did it. Not big-pocketed surf companies (seriously, check the donor list, not one industry titan there). But regular, workaday surfers.

“My deepest gratitude to everybody who contributed: donors and subscribers, friends and family,” Warshaw says. “Thanks to you I get to continue building these sites, preserving our history, celebrating this beautiful and confounding time-suck known as surfing. Family aside, EOS is the joy of my life.”

You can see a list of the donors here.

Now subscribe to this thing, so you can get lost in the interviews, videos, and well-written descriptions of every shred of historical importance in our wonderful sport.