Bali Pro Preview

Ross Williams on who to pick for your Fantasy Surfer team at Keramas

With the ability to link barrel rides, airs, and powerful hacks, Jordy Smith is a clear favorite for the high-performance mecca. Photo: Childs

Keramas could quite possibly be the best World Tour venue available on the planet. Think about it: Most places offer either tubes or high performance surfing, but as a cross between Backdoor and Lowers, Keramas is a perfect marriage for competition. Despite the challenges of sea breezes and big tidal changes, Keramas is very consistent. Not many waves let you get pitted as well as provide a wall that lets you go as big as humanly possible. I predict a show beyond anything we've seen before from a World Tour event. Don't be surprised if you see the biggest air and biggest hack ever done in competition. Although this wave favors the regular footers, you will be hard pressed to find a complaint from the goofies. With the "airpark" Canggu as a back up spot, this event really plays into the hands of a certain group. Make your Fantasy Surfer picks wisely, as this is a location that favors the bold. Guys who go big in the air and can back it up with tube riding and hacks will dominate over the technicians. I picture Jordy Smith coming out of a huge gouge into a big ramp, then nailing a giant air reverse and yelling to the crowd, "Are you not entertained!" This will be the surfers' new favorite spot on Tour. Call your buddies and get the man cave ready with peanuts and beer, as we will all have the pleasure of watching a circus act that will make any trapeze performer proud.

Jordy Smith:
This wave is tailor-made for the big unit. Jordy is coming into this event with all the confidence an athlete could ask for. It's a bold statement, but I'm thinking he's the one to beat in Bali.

John John Florence:
Now in full recovery mode, John John will be a man on a mission in Bali. He may not be as favored here as he is in hollow lefts, but he's still on a very short list of dudes who should win this event.

Sebastian Zietz:
It's way over stated that C-Bass is a party boy. Although it is possible that he could get sidetracked in Kuta, I highly doubt it. This is a man who wants to win. This is a man who could be the next AI. Let's hope so.

Filipe Toledo:
I know Keramas has more to offer than just airs, but for that matter so does Filipe. This kid can surf. If you recall Bells, the dude's air game is arguably the best in the biz. Any heat he has at Canggu is a done deal. #BOOST

Kelly Slater:
This might sound weird, but Kelly's smaller boards will give him an edge over his competition. Keramas can be tricky with its tight transitions causing conventional boards to get stuck. Kelly will score huge points in every heat he surfs with minimal mistakes.

Nat Young:
I'm not going to lie; my savings on Nat make this decision a lot easier. Although he wouldn't be in my top 8 picks to win this event, Nat is very capable of pocketing a solid result in Bali.

Adam Melling:
What Melling lacks in the air department he more than makes up for it in speed and power. Adam needs to throw it in gear in Bali as his year to this point has been average. Being a Oakley representative just might give him that boost if confidence he needs at the Oakley Bali Pro.

Brett Simpson:
Not unlike Melling, Brett needs to get things moving as he is a better surfer than his results suggest. His surfing suits Bali well, and he just need the judges to throw him a bone.

The Oakley Pro Bali starts on June 18, so click here to ready your Fantasy Surfer team for Round 1. Also, check out Shea Lopez’ Bali roster here.