Remember Jordy Smith at Bells? Expect more of the same at J-Bay, with some home-field advantage added in for good measure. Photo: Joli

Remember Jordy Smith at Bells? Expect more of the same at J-Bay, with some home-field advantage added in as well. Photo: Joli

As one of the more active phases in many years for the southern hemisphere winds down, this year’s J-Bay event appears to be just in time to receive what remains of the bounty. After an initial pulse, all eyes will be shifting to the tail end of the event’s waiting period in hopes for forecast charts to signal more of the astonishing quality J-Bay is known for.

When picking a Fantasy Surfer team, I assumed that most heats would be held in good surf.

Kelly Slater
Market Price: $12,250,000
When watching Kelly in the past out at Jeffreys, it was obvious anyone attempting to beat him in competition, going wave for wave, would need to put forth a heroic effort with near perfect execution.

Jordy Smith
Market Price: $9,500,000
Jordy has watched Kelly decimate the field and the lineup at Jeffreys for as long as he can remember. If anyone in the youthful movement has taken Kelly’s act a step further, it is Jordy. Where Jordy often fails to match up to Kelly, however, is in execution.

John Florence
Market Price: $7,250,000
A direct failure to conform to the present ASP format sees John lurking well back from Gabriel Medina in both the rankings and their own personal match-ups. Medina’s ability to milk limited opportunities and perform during each World Tour heat has been the difference between his and John’s results and rankings this year. But with that said, Florence is still capable of big things should the waves cooperate.

Julian Wilson
Market Price: $8,250,000
One of the most well-rounded and consistent competitors you will find, Julian’s formula for winning may be improved if he lets go and realizes that some things are beyond his control.

Dion Atkinson
Market Price: $3,000,000
Tail flicks and nose picks shouldn’t matter at Jeffreys. The rail, rhythm, and power Dion delivers should be more than deserving of the high scores needed to go far into the event.

Owen Wright
Market Price: $4,250,000
People often consider surfing backside a disadvantage at Jeffreys. This is completely untrue, and the fact that many goofies believe it is their only actual disadvantage. Any surfer with skill who understands Jeffreys will be finding the waves and rides needed to win heats. Owen has more skill than most, and works harder than almost all.

Adam Melling
Market Price: $3,500,000
With hopes of the past repeating itself, Adam enters Jeffreys confident from his high marks there before. His peers talk him up, and fear him here, for good reason.

Jeremy Flores
Market Price: $4,000,000
When it comes to rail work and tube riding, Jeremy has matured at a much more rapid rate than many of his peers. Don’t let his failure to launch be a deterrence from picking him at an event rarely decided above the lip.

The J-Bay event starts tomorrow, so pick your Fantasy Surfer team now.