John John Florence has gone 3, 2, 1 in the last three events. Where to now, in Portugal? Photo: Moran

John John Florence has gone 3, 2, and 1 in the last three events. Where to now in Portugal? Photo: Moran

While the Top 34 trek from France to Portugal, a rather large storm is pulling together directly into the swell window for Supertubes. For Kelly Slater, the large swell should allow an easier path to the final and a continued shrinking of Medina’s lead going into Pipeline. But don’t count out the dark horses in this event. The bottom half of the ratings are fighting tooth and nail to earn another year on Tour. These surfers could prove to be incredibly dangerous and could spell all kinds of trouble for Medina, who’s trying to keep Slater at bay and claim his first world title.

Kelly Slater
Market Price: $12,250,000
Do you believe in magic?

John John Florence
Market Price: $9,250,000
Depending on which side of the draw JJF falls into, he may very well decide if the word title race goes to Pipe.

CJ Hobgood
Market Price: $5,000,000
Heavy shore-pound tubes favor this man’s fortitude. An upset isn’t an upset when the better surfer is victorious.

Freddy Patacchia
Market Price: $5,000,000
Along with CJ, Freddy brings tremendous skill and experience to treacherous and tricky conditions. A few good waves is all it takes for Fred to make a late-season surge on the ratings.

Bede Durbidge
Market Price: $4,250,000
Bede’s past success in Portugal when the waves were thundering puts him in a prime position to do some damage.

Kai Otton
Market Price: $5,500,000
Kai has an unnatural ability to apply his gritty, never-say-die attitude to any heat situation requiring extra effort. When other surfers show a soft moment, you can bet Kai will be there to capitalize by grinding out another heat win. Portugal is a great match for Kai.

Jeremy Flores
Market Price: $3,250,000
Tremendous energy goes into every heat Jeremy surfs. When the ocean matches his energy, success is usually found.

Tiago Pires
Market Price: $3,250,000
Despite this being his home event, Tiago’s had a rough go in Portugal in the past. Let’s hope he finds a rhythm with the ocean and some waves that offer him a platform to perform on this year.

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Note: Shea Lopez’ picks are based upon what he purchased surfers for earlier in the season, many of whom have increased in market value since. That’ll explain why it adds up to more than a cool $50 million.