The shark in question can be seen in the upper right hand portion of this screen shot image from the WSL webcast.

Competition was halted in the middle of Round 4, Heat 3 at the 2017 Corona Open J-Bay as a 6-8 foot shark was spotted breeching from the water just outside the lineup. Jordy Smith, Filipe Toledo, and Julian Wilson had just a few minutes remaining in their Round 4 heat when the shark appeared and competition was halted.

Judges and the safety crew in the water spotted the shark mid-air as it jumped approximately 100 yards outside where the surfers were sitting. Water patrol immediately picked up Wilson and Toledo and brought them to the safety of the main boat in the lineup. Smith had already reached the inside section and continued on the wave he was riding as he was instructed to head to the beach.

Ironically, Wilson was the other surfer in the water for the 2015 J-Bay final when Mick Fanning famously had his encounter with a shark.

Competition was called off for the day and will likely continue tomorrow with a re-surf of the heat involving Smith, Toledo, and Wilson.

Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.