Class is in session with Fred Patacchia. Photo: Glaser

By Fred Patacchia

1. For me, the backside cutback is one of the most difficult things to do right. Going into the turn, I try focus on positioning on my board. Specifically, I try to stay centered over the board going in, but once I begin the cutback I shift my weight a little more toward the tail. The trick is to treat it like a frontside bottom turn.

2. By keeping my board on a rail and staying spring loaded, I'll have the ability to gain speed throughout the maneuver. Once I get to the bottom of the wave I shift my weight completely on to the tail. That's when I'll transition out of the crouch position and start making my way up the face to hit the oncoming section.

3.The hardest part is keeping your speed, but positioning and timing are key. Essentially you're linking a cutback with a top-turn rebound after it. A lot of guys don't hit the whitewater at places like Snapper and J-Bay because if you dig a rail or make the slightest mistake you could ruin the whole wave. But a proper figure-eight cutback done right can look really cool and is worth the risk.