How to Pretend Like You Made the Barrel You Just Blew

You can't make em' all, but don't tell your friends that. Photo: Kenworthy

This maneuver relies on situational awareness. Where are your friends? If they're in the judges' tower, you're screwed. If they're behind the lens, you're screwed. If they're out the back or down the beach, you may have a chance. Now, barrel-makers are not going to pop up in the impact zone, they're going to emerge down the line with confidence. If you blow the take-off, it's critical that you let the whitewater push you all the way through the inside. As you begin paddling back out, puff your chest a little and look around as if you're scanning the lineup for the people who witnessed your incredible tube, maybe even "hoot" yourself. On the outside, your friends may ask, "How was that one?" Simply wink.