How to Pull a Slob Grab w/ Dane Reynolds

Class is now in session with slob maestro Dane Reynolds. Photo: Glaser

I like doing fake rotations where your body doesn't rotate, but your board does.
I prefer doing Slob grabs off closeout sections--when you have a lot of speed and you can predict how the wave is going to break.

1. You need to go a little more vertically up to the lip than you would for an air reverse. For an air reverse you're kind of high-lining it and then you kick it towards the shore more. For a Slob, you're bottom-turning up to the lip.

2. I find that I have to hit the lip quite a bit earlier than I would for other grabs, because I have to get my tail real high. With the way you kick the tail out, if you hit the lip late, like you normally would for an air reverse, the tail gets caught and you can't get the extension out of it.

3. All the rotation is from the waist down, unlike an air reverse, where your whole body has to rotate. Once you're in the air, you kick your tail up and somewhere between leaving the lip and getting your tail all the way up is when you're reaching for the rail and catching the grab.

4. At the peak of the rotation your body is facing forward as if you're doing a straight air, but your tail is out front as if you're doing an air reverse. So at the peak of your board's rotation you're trying to bring it all back in under your body so you land straight with your board under you.