Only Fools Trip On What's Behind Them Will Premiere at 6 pm On July 5 at In4mation Chinatown

July 3rd, 2013 (HONOLULU, HI) In4mation is pleased to announce that Honolulu-based artist AJ Feducia will be showcasing an exhibit entitled "Only Fools Trip on What's Behind Them" at In4mation's Chinatown location this First Friday, July 5. Feducia, who originally hails from Huntington Beach, CA but now resides in Honolulu, has quickly become a staple in Honolulu's downtown art scene. The installation at In4mation will represent an array of Feducia's artistic endeavors, including screen printing, sculpture and Intaglio.

"The show will focus on some screenprinting, some Intaglio, and some sculpture. It wasn’t until I was in college that I got into printmaking. I was really into sculpture at the time but I was running out of places to store my work and running out of people to give it to," says Feducia. "A friend of mine suggested that I try printmaking because, like sculpture, it can be a very active, physical process with a lot of experimentation. Also, there were weird chemicals that needed to be used and the smell of a print studio is a magical thing."

Part retail store, part gallery and creative space, every month, In4mation's Chinatown location features the work of a new artist on their walls.

For Jun Jo, In4mation's marketing director, this show has proved a long time coming.

"We love AJ. He's a great artist and member of this really unique art, design, and creative group that's percolating in Chinatown right now," said Jo. "We're all really looking forward to showcasing his work at our store."

Feducia is currently working as an Intaglio teacher at the Honolulu Museum of Art School and draws the inspiration for his work from the history, people, and places that surround him.

The buildings I see, the surf breaks, the peaks and valleys, the water I use, the people who are here, the people who were here…it all makes an impression on me," added Feducia. "Not originally being from here, I know I have a responsibility to this place and the people around me. The show is about my place in the history of these islands. Not about my experiences of this place as an outsider but rather some things that are constantly on my mind."

"Only Fools Trip on What's Behind Them" will be debut at 6 pm at In4mation's Chinatown location, located at 1154 Nuuanu Ave and will run throughout the month of July.

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