NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Sept. 1, 2010--The first annual "PADDLE2LIVE--150 Miles 4 Cancer" fundraiser solo water paddling endurance event, an epic 150-mile journey from Santa Barbara to Newport Beach by cancer survivor Jack Marshall Shimko, will take place Thursday, Sept. 23 through Saturday, Oct. 2.  Paddle boarding is a surface water sport in which an athlete on a long surfboard propels himself or herself along by a swimming motion of the arms while kneeling or lying prone on the board.

Shimko, 30, a Newport Beach native, avid waterman and outdoor enthusiast, is currently recovering from Hodgkin's lymphoma, a cancer of the part of the human body’s immune system known as the lymphatic system.  He was diagnosed with the disease just days after his 29th birthday.  After months of chemotherapy and other treatments, he has successfully battled the cancer and is currently in remission.

"PADDLE2LIVE--150 Miles 4 Cancer" is presented by the Quiksilver Foundation. Shimko will attempt the feat in order to raise $500,000 for the UCLA Jonsson Cancer Foundation Center and LIVESTRONG, the organization founded by cancer survivor and champion cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Shimko founded PADDLE2LIVE (www.paddle2live.org <http://www.paddle2live.org> ), a non-profit cancer fundraiser, to raise money and awareness for advanced cancer research and treatment. The organization's slogan is "It’s Too Easy To Give Up."  The organization's first event is "PADDLE2LIVE--150 Miles 4 Cancer."

"It's great to be able to use my own survival to raise awareness and help fund the type of research
that saved my life," said Shimko.  "In the end, though, PADDLE2LIVE isn't about me. It's about contributing to the fight against cancer and the search for a cure, and it's about inspiring other
young people to beat the disease and live their dreams."

"PADDLE2LIVE--150 Miles 4 Cancer" kicks off Wed., Sept. 22 at 5 p.m. in Santa Barbara at the city's harbor with a "paddle out" for all paddlers, surfers, survivors, supporters and others affected by cancer. A reception will follow at the Endless Summer Bar-Café, located at 113 Harbor Way, Santa Barbara, Calif.

On Thursday, Sept. 23 at 4:30 a.m., Shimko will depart on the first 29-mile leg of the 150-mile paddle.  Ten days later, on Sat., Oct. 2 at 2 p.m., friends, family and members of the paddling community are invited to join Shimko for the final 3.5-mile paddle through Newport Beach Bay. A celebration will follow at The NAC (Newport Beach Aquatic Center), with a barbecue from Bear Flag Fish Co., live music, a silent auction, refreshments and much more.

To prepare for his inaugural "PADDLE2LIVE--150 Miles 4 Cancer" paddle, Shimko competed in the 2009 World Paddle Board Championship in San Francisco.  Just 16 weeks into his nine-month chemotherapy treatment, he suffered from mild hypothermia and completed the race in last place.  Pleased to have even finished, he headed back to his home in Southern California determined to mount an even more ambitious endurance challenge fundraiser event upon his full recovery.

To achieve his goal of raising $500,000, Shimko is encouraging individuals, organizations and companies in California and beyond to get involved in "PADDLE2LIVE--150 Miles 4 Cancer" in any way possible.  Volunteers, logistical support, gear, food, fuel and charitable donations are all needed.  PADDLE2LIVE "Paddle Partners" can pledge to personally raise $1000+ for the cause. Online donations will be accepted on www.quiksilverfoundation.org/donate.

"The generous support of the Quiksilver Foundation and the Quiksilver Waterman's Collection has
made this event possible," Shimko noted.

Quiksilver Foundation/PADDLE2LIVE apparel designed by Max Erdenberger will be available at www.quiksilverfoundation.org and www.paddle2live.org, as well as local shops and restaurants, with all proceeds going to the fundraiser.

A mobile production crew provided by Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy of the
Kennedy/Marshall Company will capture the paddle from start to finish and upload
daily videos to www.paddle2live.org via satellite. Footage will also be logged for an upcoming
documentary featuring Shimko and other young athletes who have triumphed over cancer.

Additional support is provided by LIVESTRONG, UCLA, Surfline, Trac Plus, FRS Health Energy, Joe Bark Paddleboards, Haze Media, Rodheim Marketing Group, Duffy Boats, Balboa Boat Rentals, Hill's Boat Service Inc., Bear Flag Fish Co. and the City of Newport Beach. Shimko will receive crucial safety, support and tracking assistance along the route, which includes several deep-water channel crossings in known shark habitats.

PADDLE2LIVE is a non-profit cancer fundraiser founded by Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor Jack
Marshall Shimko. Following Shimko's inaugural 150-mile solo paddle from Santa Barbara to
Newport Beach in 2010, PADDLE2LIVE will serve as a platform for other athletes to participate
in ongoing cancer fundraising endurance events.

About the Quiksilver Foundation
The Quicksilver Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to benefiting and enhancing
the quality of life for communities of board riders across the world by supporting environmental,
educational, health and youth-related projects.

About the UCLA Jonsson Cancer Foundation Center
The UCLA Jonsson Cancer Foundation Center has more than 240 researchers and clinicians
engaged in disease research, prevention, detection, control, treatment and education. One of the
nation’s largest comprehensive cancer centers, the Jonsson Center is dedicated to promoting
research and translating basic science into leading-edge clinical studies.

Founded in 1997 by cancer survivor and champion cyclist Lance Armstrong, LIVESTRONG
fights for the 28 million people around the world living with cancer today. LIVESTRONG
connects individuals to the support they need, leverages funding and resources to spur innovation
and engages communities and leaders to drive social change. www.LIVESTRONG.org

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