2010 Inductees to the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame


Jeff Klugel – FL – Late 70’s and 80’s standout surfer. Winner of the second Stubbies pro event held at Sebastian Inlet and numerous other events throughout his long competitive career. Standout shaper starting his board-building career with Ocean Avenue that continues today with his own brand, Seven Seas. In the last ten years, Jeff has worked as a highly respected touring ASP/WCT circuit judge, representing East Coast surfing on competitive judging platforms all over the world.

Bob Rohmann -FL- the consummate contest surfer….Bob dominated the circuit throughout the 70’s and 80’s. Bob has probably more wins and championships, in the ESA, than anyone in its long history. As a pro he won rookie of the year in 1979 and finished high in standings each year after, until he retired from active contest participation in 1982. Today he is still an active participant in the sport and also maintained his long time sales position at Quicksilver.

Scott McCranels – Fl – A skate board pro at the tender young age of fourteen, Scott “Red” McCranels was bagging trophies in the ESA throughout his teen years. After entering a World Tour Pro event at nineteen and making all the way to the semi finals he was only ousted by then world champ Shaun Tomson. Scott was virtually drafted onto the world tour because of his world-class power and style. Red delayed college for two years and surfed his way around the world on the pro tour, reaching as high a ranking as #2. With the encouragement of his great family, headed by the (well Joanne) Hall of Fame patriarch Chummer McCranels, Scott banked his winnings and paid his way through college, still entering and winning pro events. Upon graduating he joined Chummer and has a very successful orthodontics office in West Palm Florida and today surfs around the world on the grins of his clientele.


Sue Lloyd Hogan – RI – Top female performer from the mid to late 60’s and 70’s and two-time ESA East Coast Women’s Champion (1977 and 1979). In the 60’s surfed for the legendary Surfboards Hawaii team and later in the 70’s dominated the New England ESA competition scene. Finally in the late 70’s she turned that dominant presence to the ESA 4A level in Cape Hatteras winning two ESA titles in three years. Along with her standout competitive record she is also involved in surfing as long time owner of Warm Winds Surf Shop in Narragansett, Rhode Island with her husband Tom.

Sharon Wolfe – FL – Two time US champ and ESA champ in 1982. Truly one of the East’s leading ladies in the school of smooth stylish surfing and the standout women surfer of her generation. Sharon lives in Cocoa Beach still where she continues to be an influence to younger generations of women through her aquatic prowess.


Doug Waters – NC – As a staff photo member of Surfing magazine, Doug was THE influential 80’s and 90’s photojournalist. He was considered… Doug was truly a photographer’s photographer. He was responsible for raising the bar of excellence in his craft. Instrumental in promoting the careers of such standout surfers as Matt Kechele, Charlie Kuhn, Rich Rudolph, John Holeman, Todd Hollard, Lisa Anderson and many more. His unique shooting style has influenced almost all East Coast photographers and it shows in their works. His technical skill has been the benchmark for today’s current staff photogs in both land and water photography. Currently, Doug rarely shoots surf only on special days, he now has moved into motors ports photography where he continues to be a force in that field. Doug still actively surfs at and currently resides in Atlantic Beach North Carolina.


Ross Houston – FL – Creator of Surf Expo, one of the greatest success stories in surfing history and the first, and still best, trade show in the sport. Ross also involved himself with the ESA in the 70’s and 80’s heading the ESABAP (Eastern Surfing Association Beach Access Program) opening beaches all along the east coast formerly closed to surfing and maintaining access to beaches threatened with closure by state and municipal entities. Also, through his business, Atlantic Surfing Materials, was the first company on the East coast to specialty distribute to surfboard companies important materials not available here previous.


Bud Gardner – FL – The definitive 60’s South Florida board builder; Bud was the first viable custom surfboard maker from the Miami area. He is responsible for shaping thousands of custom and stock surfboards using his truly unique style throughout his 40-year career. Known for complex and exotic longboards using both his shaping, glassing and artistic talents. Bud treated his craft as a true art form and it showed in his prolific career. In addition to surfboard building, he is an accomplished artist, sculptor and journalist. Much of his artwork is currently on display in several public buildings in his town. He continues his surfing/shaping journey currently residing in Melbourne Beach.

George Miller – FL – First generation board builder from the Daytona Beach area. George was among the very few to pioneer the manufacture and sale of true custom surfboards in an era (60’s) of California surfboard dominance. Founding and operating the famous Daytona Beach Surf Shop his style of business and surfboard building was the foundation for the current prolific number of builders from his locale. Against great odds, George built a successful business and is still actively shaping even to this day.