Access Granted: Marine Corps Opens up Pyramid Rock on Oahu’s East Side for Surf Contest

Like a forbidden coastline, Oahu's windward shore holds a special place in the minds of Hawaii's surfers. Shrouded in secrecy and flanked by a Marine base, scoring on the East Side is never an easy undertaking. But come March 3, the veil over Oahu's seldom-sung lineups will be lifted for the Ka'au Rockin Surf Competition.

The lineups at Ku'au, also known as Pyramid Rock, are located at Marine Corps Base Hawaii and are normally off-limits to nonmilitary personnel. But for this completely unique event, the general surfing public is invited to mix it up with their military counterparts. With 10 divisions, ranging from shortboarding to longboarding, finding your footing at the event shouldn't be hard.

"Pyramid Rock's always been a special place for surfers on the East Side. The lineups are always fun and it reminds me a lot of Australia," says Jun Jo who's brand In4mation is supporting the event. "We're really psyched to be a part of the contest. Having grown up out there, I can tell you first-hand that doing well at the event would mean huge bragging rights for the surfers. It's a very special place to have an event there is huge."

The holding period for the contest begins on March 3 and will last until March 25. The event is scheduled for a single day of competition. Positions in the event are expected to fill up fast, so don't hold off on registering.

Big thanks for all the support and sponsors that have made this event possible: In4mation, Town and country, Planet sun, MCCS, Semper fit, Freedom Rider, Water Safety.

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