An Update from Black Flys General Manager Shannon Morales

Black Flys, being under new corporate ownership, has now been shipping products for just about a month. Their new corporate headquarters is coming together a solid team is in place. We checked in with the new General Manager of Black Flys Inc., Shannon Morales, to see how things are going. Shannon stepped into this new role with over 14 years’ experience in sales, marketing, and management in the lifestyle eyewear and sunglass industries.

Tell us what has been going on.

“Well there is a lot that goes into relaunching a brand. We have moved our headquarters and have been and are hiring a strong team that will take us into the future. In some sense we are setting up shop all over again having to get practices and procedures in place. With that said, we are continuing to work closely with Jack Martinez toward keeping the edgy styling our customers have enjoyed and to make this transition as seamless as possible so that we may all continue to enjoy the success of Black Flys worldwide.”

Can you tell us about some challenges you are facing moving forward?

“Presently our biggest challenge is reconnecting with the thousands of dealers nationally and internationally that have been selling Black Flys for years. In connecting with them we are concentrating on repairing any missteps that may have been taken and to assure our customers that moving forward they can expect and will receive only the best customer service. If you are someone out there that may have had a bad experience with Black Flys in the past we want to hear from you. Give us the opportunity to make good on it.”

What will make Black Flys successful moving into the future?

“We have come at this relaunch with some tremendous advantages that we are confident will propel us to once again be a top selling brand within the surf, skate, snow, and moto industries. First of all, the Black Flys name itself has tremendous brand recognition. We continue to be surprised by the people nationally and internationally who recognize and love the brand. We are also launching a large marketing campaign to once again get Black Flys on people’s minds. Additionally, we have excellent sunglass styles. We have culled through our existing styles and are moving forward with proven winners as well as introducing some amazing new designs. Our customer feedback so far has been great. We are also lucky to have relationships in place that has enabled us to source the highest quality product while keeping our price point below that of our competitors.”

“In the coming months, we are planning many special events, relaunch parties, and trade show appearances. We want you to know that we are working hard to rebuild the business and that we would love to have you onboard with us on this new venture.”

You can also visit us at our new website at 1-877.328.FLYS