210 AR4T SPACE and Ben Brough Present: “A Million Charming Creatures”


July 22, 2010 (Laguna Beach, CA) 210 AR4T Space is proud to offer new work from artist Ben Brough. “A Million Charming Creatures,” a new loose cannon of characters to infiltrate the canvas. A celebration of moments of being tied down by society’s screaming demands but gloriously weaving your way through the muck to open roads. A semi-abstract cast living on a bread crumb trail between gelatin and an endless itinerary of sea dwelling and fine dining. Having been raised on a diet of Hawaiian tropical sanctuary and urban dust, Ben keeps his ocean influences close appearing vaguely but loyal in his works with his unique approach to caveman-like ways of image making.


HiRES IMAGES BEN – Download Here

HiRES IMAGES 210 AR4T SPACE – Download Here

“A Million Charming Creatures,” Artwork by Ben Brough runs July 31st through August 15th, 2010, at 210 AR4T SPACE, 210 North PCH (between Broadway and Cliff), Laguna Beach, CA. The opening reception, on Saturday July 31st, from 7 to 10 pm, is free and open to the public. For more information, contact 210 AR4T Space at 415.690.6180 or


Ben Brough is a self-taught American artist working in the traditional style of painting and collage. Born in California, raised in Hawaii, Ben started his focus on art when he traveled the world as a surfer, logging images in one of his many journals that he’d always keep close by. Preferring to make art with a childlike scraw, embracing humanistic emotions with a goal of raw mythical impact. Ben has shown his art in galleries worldwide. His art has been made iconic through the world of graphic design, his original paintings are a must have for any contemporary art collection.

In honor of Ben’s upcoming solo art exhibition, photographer / filmmaker Jesse Fulton spent several evenings with Ben in his studio quietly taking notes. What emerged is a beautiful commentary on Ben’s art and exciting prelude to the art soon to be on display. Please view the extended version which includes an interview with Ben at

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