Arbor's New Bamboo Internet


Venice, CA – After years of analysis, The Arbor Collective is thrilled to announce that the internet is apparently made out of bamboo. They have become experts on the subject as they have now been using bamboo as an eco-friendly, performance enhancing material in their snowboards, skateboards and apparel for 14 years. “We were really quite astonished once we determined that this was indeed a fact,” said Arbor Cofounder, Bob Carlson. “But…the evidence does seem to be somewhat conclusive so, we feel that it’s vital to the future of our brand to be apart of it. This discovery has convinced us that it’s time to really get behind this whole “World Wide Web” fad and launch a new website where people can go to find out everything they ever wanted to know about Arbor,” he said.
This new environmentally engineered and bamboo powdered portal can be found at and offers an abundance of news and information about Arbor’s products, bamboo benefits, team riders, artist collaborations, new technology, awards, reviews, events and much more. The new website is sure to turn some heads and might just start a wave of new eco-conscious websites. For those who are new to Arbor, this is their opportunity to learn more about the brand that has been delivering the highest quality and best performing green snowboards, skateboards and apparel for well over a decade. “I’m sure some people are going to question our findings,” says Carlson, “but when it really comes down to it, this is about doing what’s right for our environment and launching a new website into a bamboo internet is another step in the right direction.”