Australian Surfer Dan Ross Joins Patagonia’s Ambassador Team

VENTURA, Calif. (March, 2011) -- Patagonia Inc., the enviro-minded apparel company, is pleased to announce that Australian surfer Dan Ross has formally joined the Patagonia team. After working together informally for the past two years, Ross and Patagonia have forged a relationship with shared environmental ethos and perspectives.

"We began working with Dan a few years ago when he began by his own choice wearing our products and providing us with feedback and design insight," notes Jason McCaffrey, Patagonia's surf director, "Over time we created a sustainable relationship that works well for everyone. His lifestyle, family history and environmental ethics fit perfectly with Patagonia. We really admire him for his humble and holistic approach to life on and off the tour and we know that he'll provide us with great product feedback while getting the word out to younger surfers that we've got to take care of the ocean and the planet."

Ross was born and bred in costal northern NSW and has a long surfing history that's aligns perfectly with Patagonia's heritage.  Ross' step-father surfing legend, Baddy Trelore (star of the iconic movie, Morning of the Earth), spent countless hours surfing with Dan on the perfect waves of Angourie point. In addition to growing up in the surf world, Dan's natural affinity for the environment resonates perfectly with Patagonia's goal to create the best products while causing the least amount of harm. The company respects Dan's desire to continually highlight his care for nature and his focus on giving back.

"Believe it or not Dan asked for his incentive to be paid in the form of new solar panels and a gray water system for his house in Australia," says McCaffrey.

"I'm really excited about joining the Patagonia team and to be a part of such an amazing company that aligns with my beliefs so naturally," notes Ross, "I look forward to working together on enviro-minded initiatives that will inspire the surf community and raise awareness."

Patagonia looks forward to working with Dan in incorporating both his environmental sensibilities and feedback from competitive surfing into the company's surf product developments. Ross joins Patagonia's team of surfing ambassadors that includes Gerry Lopez, the Malloys, Wayne Lynch, Kohl Christensen and more.

About Patagonia
Patagonia, with sales last year of over $330M, is noted internationally for its commitment to product quality and environmental activism. Incorporating environmental responsibility in to product development, the company has, since 1996, used only organically grown cotton in its clothing line. With its most recent launch of synthetic fiber-to-fiber recycling, Patagonia is taking back worn-out polyester and nylon clothing and reincarnating it as new products, forever capturing the raw materials used in making virgin fiber. The company also advocates corporate transparency through its interactive website, The Footprint Chronicles, which outlines the environmental and social footprint of individual products. Patagonia was featured as The Coolest Company on the Planet on Fortune Magazine's April 2007 cover.

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