Avidity Fit Launches Surf/Fitness Camp in Brazil


By incorporating fitness, surf instruction, nutrition, and exotic travel, Avidity Fit Outdoor Functional Training has established itself as a premiere fitness group dedicated to improving wellness – the natural way. With personalized surf instruction from professional surfers like Oliver Kurtz and nutrition and training counseling from accomplished certified trainers, Avidity Fit is excited to announce its Surf/Fitness Camp in Brazil.

About the Brazil Surf/Fitness Camp

Avidity Fit has created the ultimate surf trip for the individuals who are seeking to improve their surf skills, while also taking their fitness and nutrition to the next level.

While combining the excitement of traveling to new exotic locations in search of fun beautiful waves and challenging outdoor functional training fueled by an all natural nutritional diet, you are in store for an experience you'll never forget.  The idea of this camp is to not only provide enjoyment, challenge, and relaxation but to also set up a new and improved lifestyle for you when you finish your stay in Brazil.  Each individual will not only carry away the new surf, fitness, and nutritional knowledge you will learn during your duration in Sao Paulo, but you will also have a one month personalized fitness program developed by one of our experienced certified personal trainers.  This camp was designed with the sole intent of improving your quality of life by enjoying what you love and reaching the fitness level you've always dreamt of.

Space is limited so contact Avidity Fit immediately. See you in Brazil!

Avidity Fit Brazil Surf/Fitness Camp 2010

Location: North Coast Sao Paulo, Ubatuba City, Prumirim Beach

Dates: September 26th – October 1st 2010 (6 Days) AVAILABLE
August 23rd, 2010 – August 28th, 2010 (6 Days) CAMP FULL

General Questions or Concerns: info@avidityfit.com or
(949) 307-9208 or 55113013-3824

About Avidity Fit LLC

The mission is simple; to push your mind, body and spirit to your limits while engaging with the beauty and challenges of Mother Nature. Avidity Fit was designed for those who are and always will be young at heart, and who are constantly looking for the next opportunity to enhance the quality of their lives.

We believe in life – a life of health, beauty and adventure. The opportunity is yours.