Avidity Fit's First No Gym Fit Clinic Goes Off at Nike 6.0's Motel No Tell

Avidity Fit No Gym Fit Nike 6.0 Motel No Tell Clinic 1

“Screw the gym”, yells No Gym Fit participant Laura Thornton after successfully completing her final exercise. Those three words couldn’t better describe the positive vibe felt by all after an hour long session being introduced to natural functional training in Nike 6.0 Motel No Tell backyard.

The first clinic solely focused on exercises that required very limited equipment (a medicine ball and swiss balance ball) and targeted balance and core stability to help improve your surfing.

The clinic’s participants were as diverse as the training exercises, ranging in all skill levels of surf / fitness experience as well as age.

No Gym Fit participants were lead through a basic dynamic warm up to increase their heart rate then split into two groups to focus on different exercises via the medicine ball or Swiss balance ball. Each group was lead by an Avidity Fit certified personal trainer of which specializes in action sport specific outdoor wellness. The session concluded with a cool down and stretch routine to help prepare their bodies for the day ahead.

Special thanks to Cliff Bar and Vitamin Water for supplying the post workout snack.

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