Award Winning Director Josh Pomer Releases His New Film, The White Album

A combination of new footage and best maneuvers from Josh Pomer’s film library

The White Album surfing movie was recently released by Josh Pomer, the director of films such as The Westsiders. Pomer has retired from surfing videos and White Album will be his last surfing video ever. Pomer says, "I am officially retired from surfing videos. I believe I have accomplished all I can over the last two decades. Back when I started the only way to see new maneuvers was to get the latest surfing video. Now days any great maneuver will be online in twenty-four hours. I will still be making surfing documentary films but I am done forever with surfing videos. I had the time of my life and now it time to move on to a different chapter. I am looking forward to the theatrical release of The Westsiders."

Pomer made a career out of filming his best friends from Santa Cruz High. Ratboy, Flea and Barney would all go on make a permanent mark on surfing with their high flying air surfing and bravado in big waves. The White Album is the culmination of all of Pomer's previous surfing videos plus new footage. Josh Pomer says, "you can see the progression of surfing in The White Album. It is amazing to see a Ratboy three sixty air from fifteen years ago right next to a Dane Reynolds three sixty air from this winter. The last wave of The White Album is a Dane Reynolds air. It was the biggest air I have ever filmed."

White Album has all new footage filmed over the last two winters plus clips from surfing videos like The Kill 1-8, Christmas Story, Punk Rock Surfers and more.

The White Album is currently available on The Surf Network. Josh Pomer is also releasing his entire surf video catalog on The Surf Network this April. His catalog includes The Kill 1-8, Aqua Luna, Christmas Story, See It To Believe It, Cheap Thrills, Destination Point, Wow, Watercolors, Punk Rock Surfers and Punk N Disorderly.

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