Billabong Pico Alto Invitational 2010


It´s On for Thursday August 19th

Lima, Peru—August 16, 2010.

The second stop of the Big Wave World Tour, the Billabong Pico Alto Invitational 2010 it´s ON for Thursday 19th of august.

This thursday a great swell will arrive to the shore expecting waves that exceeds 18 feet. This conditions will be perfect to start the event and offer the public a great show.

Since last year the Billabong Pico Alto event forms part of the Big Wave World Tour (BWWT). The BWWT is organized by Gary Linden, renowned shaper and big wave surfer.

This year we will have the best 12 big wave surfers of the world, which will face to the immense wave of Pico Alto and 12 experienced local big wave surfers.

Prominent figures like Greg Long, Champion of the Pico Alto event in 2009, Carlos Burle the World Big Wave Champion 2009/2010 and Grant "Twiggy" Baker winner of the Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards, are some of the International invitees confirmed for this event.

These athletes will compete for a total prize of US$ 10,000 dollars in cash.

Due to the importance of the Billabong Pico Alto event the competition will be transmitted live across the Billabong web:

This year the Billabong Pico Alto Invitational 2010 is presented by Sony and has for sponsors Burn, Powerade, Lan, Cosas Hombre, Von Zipper and Nixon.

Current Ranking of the BWWT (after the first stop in Punta Lobos):

1. Christian Merello (Chile)

2. Gabriel Villarán (Perú)

3. Peter Mel (USA)

4. Jamie Sterling

5. Mark Healey (Hawaii)

6. Greg Long (USA)

"Billabong Pico Alto Invitacional 2010 presented by SONY"

National Competitors –

1) Fernando Ortiz de Zevallos

2) Flavio Caporalli

3) Gabriel Villarán

4) Gonzalo Velasco

5) Javier Swayne

6) José "Jarita" Gómez

7) Kodiac Semsch

8) Rafael Otero

9) Rafael Velarde

10) Ricardo Peschiera

11) Roberto del Castillo

12) Sebastian de Romaña


1) Jaime Venegas

2) Mark Block

3) Ronald Raygada

International Competitors –

1) Anthony Tashnick

2) Carlos Burle

3) Chris Bertish

4) Dave Wassel

5) Diego Medina

6) Grant Baker

7) Greg Long

8) Kalani Chapman

9) Marcos Monteiro

10) Mark Healey

11) Peter Mel

12) Ramón Navarro


1) Ken Collins