Boards For Boobies

Raynor Surfboards to Donate Money Made from Pink Spray Paints to Breast Cancer Foundation


(Honolulu HI, October 17, 2014) In an effort to raise money to fight breast cancer, Raynor Surfboards is hoping to get the word out about their #BoardsForBoobies campaign. Here's how it works: 50 percent of the cost associated with any spray paint containing the color pink will be donated to the Keep a Breast foundation. There's never been a better time to feel good about ordering a new board than now.

Based out of the North Shore, Matty Raynor, who shapes boards out of the label that bears his namesake, is passionate about fighting breast cancer and hopes that this initiative will both raise awareness about the disease that kills an estimated 40,000 woman in the US a year, and raise money to fight it.

"This is the third year we've been working on the #BoardsforBoobies campaign and I'm really motivated to do my part to help fight this disease," said Raynor. "If you're thinking about getting a board, why not add a little pink to the spray? You can either go full-on pink, or you can be a bit more subtle and integrate just a bit of pink into the board and that will still count. And just like that, 50 percent of the cost of adding a single color to your board goes to the Keep-A-Breast foundation."

As Raynor mentioned, this season will mark the third year of his #BoardsForBoobies campaign and many notable surfers have gotten behind the effort. "Since I started doing this, Carissa Moore has ordered an all-pink board," said Raynor. "So has Hank Gaskell, Dylan Goodale, Lucas Silveira, and I think I even pink-bombed one of Daniel Jones' boards at one point. All in all, it's been really cool to see how many people are willing to 'just add a little pink, if you explain the implications and the positive effect it can have."

For more information, please contact Matty Raynor at or go to In the meantime, please add photos of any of your pink boards, skateboards, or photos in support of breast cancer research to the #BoardsForBoobies hashtag.