_m0s0063(January 4, Encinitas, Ca) Boardworks Surf announced that it is doing a new line of surfboards in their proprietary TEC (Thermal Epoxy Compression) molded construction with Sean Mattison of Von Sol. The Von Sol “Shadow” by Boardworks will be introduced at Surf Expo in January (booth # 223) and available to retailers in the spring of 2010.

Von Sol is the new brainchild of accomplished surfer and designer, Sean Mattison. A former U.S. Surf Champion and assistant coach of the U.S. 2009 ISA World Championship Team, Sean is also known for his role in collaborating with Mike Hynson on the development of the Black Knight Quad series.

While serving as chief board buyer to one of the largest retail chains in southern California, Mattison was appropriately dubbed “Lord of the Boards” by Surfing Magazine and was largely responsible for fueling the fire behind the fish revival of the last decade.

Von Sol represents the culmination of Sean’s career as a professional surfer and visionary in the surf industry across more than 25 years. Working with a team of talented surfboard craftsman, Von Sol is the beginning of a new movement.

Sean states, “At the forefront of design, you’re not inventing a new recipe; functional performance shapes are about the precision with which you perfect the recipe so all the ingredients work in harmony.” Sean adds, “Von Sol is about finding new apexes in designs, creating boards that work and help us answer the question – What next after the fish? With a fish-like surface area combined with the versatility and maneuverability of a short board – the Von Sol “Shadow” is the answer and the poster child for a new Mattison movement.”
Boardworks Surf manufactures and distributes over 100 models of surfboards, SUPs, and paddle boards designed by some of the world’s best shapers and brands including C4 Waterman, Rusty, Bill Stewart, Mike Hynson, Ben Aipa, Dewey Weber, Kane Garden, Von Sol and many others. Using our proprietary TEC (Thermal Epoxy Compression) construction Boardworks offers the finest products in the Surf and Stand Up Paddle industries. Go to www.boardworkssurf.com to learn more.