Bruce Jones Surfboards Announces Remake of Jackie Baxter Model


Bruce Jones Surfboards today announced that Jackie Baxter and Bruce Jones are remaking the Jackie Baxter Model, made to its original specifications, per boards that have been saved by Bruce and Jackie, duplicated by Bruce who shaped them in the late sixties for Vardeman Surfboards in Huntington Beach, California. They will be fiberglassed at Waterman's Guild Fiberglassing in Orange County, California.

The Jackie Baxter Models were made between 1966 and 1968, all shaped at a shaping room in the back portion of Vardeman Surfboards, which was on the north west side of PCH, which was then the corner of 3rd and PCH. Directly across the street were the famed "South Side Bleachers" where surfers of the time would gather after a morning session. David Nuuhiwa, Jackie Baxter, Tom Lenardo, John Boozer, Chuck Dent, Steve Pezman and more would gather for quite a show of mocking each other and passers by, and exchange ideas on surfboard design.

Some of the finest longboards of all time were made during this period of the late sixty's, conceived at surf shops from Santa Barbara to San Diego, with Huntington Beach being a major hub for design, shaping and manufacturing of these fine longboards designs.

As the sixty's came to an end, so did this era of longboards and noseriding, as board designs shifted to shorter lengths and more performance oriented shapes.

In the last five years there has been a renewed interest in the late sixty's shapes, with surfers reverting to the classic style of wave riding that was at its peak and prominent during this period. This has lead to decision to remake the Jackie Baxter Model

Bruce Jones Surfboards began in 1973, at a location in Sunset Beach California, that was formerly occupied by Ole Surfboards, where Bruce has been in business ever since.

The Jackie Baxter Model will be available through Icon of Surf in San Clemente CA, and Bruce Jones Surfboards in Sunset Beach CA.

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