Bubble Gum and Rob Machado Roll Out New Organik Wax Blend

The recent Rob Machado Surf Experience and Green Expo held in September at Seaside Reef in Cardiff provided the inspiration for Rob’s Organik Blend (ROB), a new ocean-friendly biodegradable wax developed by Bubble Gum Surf Wax.

“We had been experimenting with a few different organic ingredients,” said Bubble Gum co-founder, Britt Galland. “So when a Green Expo was added to this year’s Rob Machado Surf Experience, we thought it would a perfect opportunity to step up our efforts and introduce an organic wax blend to our local surf community.”

Rob has been the most visible and respected supporter for Bubble Gum Surf Wax since the brand was re-introduced in 2005. “To honor that relationship, as well as Rob’s dedication to protecting our oceans and environment, we’re proud to have his name and likeness associated with our first organic blended surf wax,” Galland added. “A percentage of sales generated by Rob’s Organik Blend will be donated to The Rob Machado Foundation (www.robmachadofoundation.org), which supports several educational and environmental organizations.”

According to Galland, even the packaging for ROB is all about being green. The label consists of recycled brown paper that bears the Responsible Forestry logo. Taking the green theme even further, it’s printed with soy based ink – on presses powered by clean Wind-generated energy.

Rob’s Organik Blend will gain wide exposure during the premier showings of Machado’s new film, The Drifter. Warner Bros. has ordered 3,000 bars of ROB to hand out at select movie premier venues this fall.

To complement their new organic wax blend, Bubble Gum will soon introduce an all-natural surf wax remover. Bubble Gum Wax Remover is a special formulation of food grade citrus byproducts that effectively removes residual surf wax, adhesive, and tar – with absolutely no toxic chemicals. The new wax remover, which will be available for purchase in November at Bubble Gum’s online store, features a convenient spray bottle and has a pleasant, natural lemon-citrus scent.

For information, or new dealer inquires, contact Randy Taylor at (619) 300-8263 or via email at bubblegumsurfwax@yahoo.com To keep tabs on Bubble Gum and their sponsored riders, or to drop into their online store, visit www.bubblegumsurfwax.com.