Chilli Shapes USA – September 10th – 18th

lost_chillishapesamericaChilli’s Town Hall Meeting

What was really discussed?

Now that important town hall meetings are out of the way… Chilli is ready to shape a board especially for you!

All current models will be available as well as a pre release of new 2010 collection, for the lucky ones that get in quick.

If you see Chilli at ASR or hanging with Matt Biolos down at Trestles, he is very approachable, so be sure to say G’day!

Use this opportunity to get a board for yourself or your customers & order today as boards will be made on a first in first served basis, as places are filling up fast, & you don’t wanna miss out!

To order your very own Chilli Surfboard contact your local surfshop (even if they don’t have Chilli’s on the floor) & if not you (or they) can contact:

Hot Batch Distribution: Call 949 683 4711 alternatively e-mail