City of Malibu Hosts Event to Turn Waste Into Eco-Friendly Surfing Products

The recycling program will take place Saturday, Jan. 21 at Malibu City Hall

Malibu, California - Leading the charge to protect the environment from harmful materials, the City of Malibu has partnered with nonprofit organization Sustainable Surf to hold "Waste to Waves™", an exciting new recycling program to turn block foam packing materials into eco-friendly surfing products.

Sponsored by Reef, Spy, Surfrider Foundation, Marko Foam and Waste Management, "Waste to Waves" will take place January 21, 2012 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Malibu City Hall, in conjunction with the City's monthly Electronics Recycling event. Packing foam called Expanded PolyStyrene (commonly referred to as "EPS" or the trademark "Styrofoam") will be collected and recycled into new, eco-friendly surfboard blanks. Recycled EPS surfboard blanks have the same performance and durability of a surfboard blank made from virgin petrochemical foam, while reducing the carbon footprint by up to 50 percent. Only white #6 type of EPS used to package
fragile goods such as electronics, televisions and furniture will be collected. Packing peanuts and foam food containers will not be accepted.

"The City's participation in "Waste to Waves"' sends a clear message that Malibu is serious about our quest to clean, preserve and protect our environment, especially our ocean and marine life," Mayor Laura Rosenthal said. "Given its rich surf culture, the City of Malibu proudly encourages the use of eco-friendly surfing products."

EPS does not biodegrade, but breaks down into tiny pieces of toxic waste that enter our food chain by contaminating our water and soil. Numerous marine mammals and sea birds have eaten EPS and other types of plastic pollution, resulting in reduced appetite and nutrient absorption, and possible death by starvation. The City in 2005 adopted a ban on food packaging that contains EPS. The ordinance applies to all restaurants and retail food vendors within City limits, as well as events held on City property.

“We are pleased to work with the City of Malibu to highlight this program, since they are one of the true leaders in protecting the ocean from plastic pollution," Sustainable Surf Co-Founder Kevin Whilden said. "Waste to Waves is unique in that it allows surfers to help produce the raw materials for the boards they buy, while also protecting the environment and helping them
dispose of their own trash."

In another leading act of environmental stewardship, the City of Malibu in 2008 was among the first in the state to adopt a ban on the use of all disposable plastic bags within City limits. With the ban, Malibu residents and visitors have significantly increased their use of reusable, recyclable bags that conserve energy and natural resources, reduce waste in landfills, curb pollution and promote a cleaner environment.

More information on "Waste to Waves" can be obtained online at To learn more about the City's leading role in environmental stewardship, please visit or call 310.456.2489.

Contact: Olivia Damavandi, Media Information Officer
(310) 456-2489 ext. 283